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Every Home Needs Landscaping Repair and Restoration

After three or four years, your once beautiful landscape project will inevitably turn into an eyesore and a liability. There’s no escaping this problem.  Perhaps the pavers on the walkway become uneven or the gaps between the pavers grow wider and unsightly.  Worse, your entire patio may now be leaning towards your home causing rainwater to slowly erode its foundation.

This happens to every home with a landscape attraction out front even if the landscape work was done by a good contractor.  Blame it on the elements and the wear and tear brought by time as a matter of course.  So it behooves upon the homeowner to look for landscaping repair and restoration.  In case the landscape contractors you originally got made a shoddy job, the imperative is for you to find a team that can repair the mistakes done on your yard.

The team you need is one that can move in quickly to properly level pavers, support retaining walls, rebuild features, and everything else to make a …

Grading and Drainage Crucial in Water Gardens

In terms of design and care of water gardens, grading and drainage are key considerations.   You just can’t install a water garden in your landscaped yard without a proper grading and drainage system. This is because inefficient or inadequate draining can result in all kinds of hazards that can cost you in the long run.  If outdoor spaces are not designed with drainage in mind, un-drained water can cause a variety of problems in your yard.

For example, standing water can compromise the structural integrity of the foundation of your home and any other outdoor structures. It can also jeopardize the health of your plants if their roots become water-logged. This is a particular concern for water-sensitive plants. Poor drainage management can potentially cause other serious dangers such as mosquito infestation and inconveniences such as soggy lawns and unsightly, muddy swamps.

It is therefore important that you take these potential challenges seriously.  A good idea is to contra…

Great Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard and Backyard Area

There is no homeowner that won’t desire a landscaped front or backyard. A landscaped lawn is desirable in both economic and aesthetic sense. It does not only increase the value of a residential property but also lifts one’s soul that nature and a green surrounding provide as a matter of course. That said, a homeowner without a landscaped front who now wants to build one has a good number of options in going about it.

If you’ve never gone through a landscape design before, chances are you’ll be surprised by all the choices available for beginners in this area. The same principles that guided your room setup inside the house may be used to guide your designs out front.  Here are some great landscaping ideas for beginners.

First, draw a list of your particular needs and wants. Do your kids need a play space? Do you want to grow vegetables? Does your family often gather on a patio? Then do some very rough sketches of the yard with thoughts of where you want to place a thing; whic…